My name is John McGinn

I am a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University pursuing my Masters in Physiology and Biochemistry. I have a strong research background in molecular chemistry and molecular psychiatry and have worked as an Ophthalmic Scribe for the Virginia Eye Institute. With a broad skill set covering important facets in the healthcare space, I am pursuing admissions to Medical School.

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Current Projects.

Studying the molecular mechanisms responsible for psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, depression and alcoholism, as well as the basic signaling processes by which psychoactive drugs induce their therapeutic effects. 

Exploring the 2A Structural Interface of the 5-HT2A-mGlu2 Receptor Complex

identifying portions within the N terminal end of TM4 in 5-HT2A N terminal responsible for mediating the heteromeric interface of mGlu2-5-HT2A

Recent Publication.

Do ring-necked snakes choose retreat sites based upon thermal preferences?

Biochemical reaction rates are highly sensitive to temperature, and the body temperatures of ectotherms covary with their immediate environment. Therefore, ectotherms should choose microhabitats that permit the maintenance of physiological function. While some previous studies have found that squamate reptiles choose retreat sites that allow them to maintain physiologically optimal body temperatures, this research has been limited in context and taxonomic scope. We sought to test these empirical patterns by studying the properties of retreat sites in the context of physiological preferences and tolerances in a population of semifossorial ring-necked snakes (Diadophis punctatus)..


M.S Physiology and Biophysics
Virginia Commonwealth University
August, 2021
Premedical Graduate Sciences PBACC
Virginia Commonwealth University
May, 2018
B.A Biology
University of Virginia
May, 2017


Research Assistant
Virginia Commonwealth University
November 2020 – January 2022
Ophthalmic Scribe
Virginia Eye Institute
July 2019 – June 2020
Medical Assistant
Agaplesion DKH
May 2017 – August 2017


Association to Benefit Children
220 Hours
Madison House
140 Hours
Habitat for Humanity
130 Hours
Remote Area Medical (RAM)
50 Hours

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